8 Powerful reasons why a SLAPP motion must be taken very seriously.


Avoid Malpractice by spotting SLAPP issues early on.
Types of claims "typically" subject to anti-SLAPP scrutiny.

SLAPP Primer:
Find out what constitutes a SLAPP suit and what claims typically are subject to SLAPP scrutiny.

Published SLAPP Decisions
(click on case name to review case) Significant SLAPP Decisions where Mr. Moneer was involved.

Dowling v. Zimmerman

Commonwealth Energy v. Investor Data Exch.

Equilon Enterprises v. Consumer Cause, Inc.

City of Cotati v. Cashman

Jarrow Formulas v. La Marche

Soukup and Hutton v. Law Office of Herbert Hafif et al. (2nd Dist. B152759; S109615)


  • Recognized as an authority on SLAPP suits, Mr. Moneer has authored numerous articles on the subject.

  • In addition, Mr. Moneer's work has been used as reference by other law firms and legal scholars.

    His published and unpublished articles and seminar outlines are available for reference.

Services Offered

Past Seminars

The Rutter Group:
Videotaped Live Seminars- Anti-SLAPP MOTIONS- Impact of new CCP ยง 425.17 April/May 2004

Moderated by:

Justice William F. Rylaarsdam
(Calif. Ct. of Appeal, 4th Dist, Div.3)

Justice Judith L. Haller
(Calif. Ct. of Appeal 4th Dist,. Div. 1)

James Moneer
Private Practice

Mark Goldowitz
Calif. Anti-SLAPP Project



Whether you are a plaintiff facing the daunting task of opposing a SLAPP motion or a defendant who has been SLAPPed with a speech based lawsuit, special counsel is available to assist you.

The Law Office of James J. Moneer has placed primary emphasis on handling SLAPP motions and appeals on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants throughout the State of California since 1994. Mr. Moneer is a panelist for The Rutter Group's anti-SLAPP seminars. He drafted the anti-SLAPP handbook for The Rutter Group's anti-SLAPP seminars. He is a frequent lecturer and has published numerous articles on the subject of anti-SLAPP law.

Mr. Moneer is licensed to practice in California and has experience with California anti-SLAPP law under Code of Civil Procedure sections 425.16 and 425.17. Mr. Moneer does not claim to be familiar with the anti-SLAPP laws of any other state.

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